It’s rare to come across an exceptional talent like Marika. Strategic, astute, quick to acquire new skills, and possessing both commitment and ability to align action with goals and metrics. Recommending someone with such incredible talent, integrity, and potential is a no-brainer. Marika is that good.

Michael Zelmer, formerly Director of Communications at Fairtrade Canada

For years I’ve been putting my unique combination of skills to work for a variety of change-makers.

  • Coordinating projects and public engagement campaigns through all stages, from conception to execution and monitoring & evaluation
  • Managing and creating content for a variety of mediums (e.g. Social Media Channels, Email, Blogs, Websites, Newsletters, Evaluations, Reports, Printed Materials, Project and Grant Proposals)
  • Representing organizations to the traditional media, on television, radio and in print
  • Writing, editing and translating text in French, English and Spanish
  • Facilitating training sessions, discussion groups, strategic planning exercises
  • Leading and motivating teams


Marika has helped our business with our social media marketing strategy. She is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and what really works to connect with people and expand your list. We were able to open up to a world of possibilities with her expertise. It has allowed us to achieve exactly what we wanted: reach out to more people and create an exchange of knowledge and wisdom in a valuable and effective way.

Annie G. , Let’s Talk International Coaching

Some organizations I’ve worked with

Groupe Intersol Group

Oxfam Canada

Ottawa area Long-Term Care Facility



Diamond Development Initiative

Fairtrade Canada

SOS Children’s Villages Canada

Youth Challenge International

World University Service of Canada

Accion Por los Niños (Peru)

Engineers Without Borders Canada (University of Ottawa)